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Becoming a part of our church is more than joining a social club or country club. It's more than just checking all the boxes. It's a commitment to a place, a purpose, and God's people. Our vision and hope is for us to seek to become like an Acts 2 church. We want fully devoted followers who are on mission for Christ and are devoted to God's word, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer. You can visit with Pastor Mark after a Sunday service, call the church office to speak with Pastor Mark, or email Pastor Mark at to learn more how you can become a member of our church.

From the very beginning, we were born to be in community. Our desire is for every member of our church to be a part of a small group whether that is a Sunday School class or a Home Group. We want our church members having a biblical community for growth, accountability, fellowship, and missional living. Visit to find a small group or email

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Our Lord and Savior came not to be served, but to serve. We are called to serve Him and model His servanthood. We want to deploy everyone's gifts to further God's kingdom and build up the body of Christ no matter what capacity. Visit or email to find ways you can invest your time, talent, and energy on serving Christ and His church.