We have a high view of the church because God has a high view of the church. The Bible says that the church is the “bride” of Christ (Eph. 5:25-27) and we are in a covenantal relationship with Him. Christ is the head of the church and we have to be a part of the body so we can be under His authority. We desire for all members to be on mission for Christ and become fully devoted followers of Christ. In Acts 2, the early church was devoted to God's word, community, worship, and prayer. Due to their devotion God showed up and they experienced miracles, generosity, unity, biblical community, favor from all people, and the multiplication of God's church.  We want to be faithful believers who honor the Lord through their devotion and fruitfulness. We believe that God expects every follower to be fully devoted and an active member of our church. There is no such thing as an inactive member of the body.  We would love to have you partner with us to fulfill the mission of God and be fully devoted. If you would like to join our church click the link below or if you need more information please email


1. Be a follower of Jesus Christ
2. Be baptized as a believer


1. Speak with Pastor Mark or come down front during invitation
2. Come down front during invitation for affirmation


Every prospective and new member is encouraged to attend this class in order to become a member of our fellowship. This class is held on Sunday mornings at different dates throughout the year. 


  • What is the Church
  • How to Submit to the Local Church
  • Why Membership Matters
  • Quick Overview of Thom Rainer's Book "I am a Church Member" (FREE GIFT)
  • Beliefs and Doctrinal Distinctives
  • Mission and Vision of the Church
  • Leadership and Ministry Structure of the Church
  • Convictions and Expectations for Members
  • Your Next Steps
  • How to Get Connected
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment Test
  • Q&A

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Each person will receive a free book from Thom Rainer called "How to Become a Church Member" at the start of the class. Below are some helpful articles on why membership matters.

Membership Biblical

Why Membership Matters