HOME GROUPS                                        

2nd & 4th Sundays Nights @ 5pm/6pm
Bryant Home Group | Young Adults | KW
Brandon Jones Home Group | Young Families | KW
Phillips Home Group | Young Families | KW
Jamerson Home Group | Adults | KW | EW (NEW) 
Blankenship Home Group | Adults (NEW)
Charlie Jones & Slater Home Group | Adults
O’Quinn Home Group | Adults
Clark Home Group | Senior Adults | EW
KW: Kids Welcome | EW: Every Week


Sunday school @ 10AM

Come to the Children’s Ministry Center or Sanctuary Welcome Center and a greeter will help you locate a class. For more info contact  
College & Career | Single Young Adults
Upstairs Fillin’ Station
Teacher | Sean & Rebecca Jamerson

Young Adult Class | 20s-30's
Children Ministry Center Room C209
Teachers | Charlie & Bonnie Jones

Young Families Class | 30s-40s
Children Ministry Center Room C200
Teachers | Zack & Kristen Phillips, Susan Blankenship

Connections | 30s-50s
Upstairs Family Life Center Room C210
Teacher | Kristin Jones

Truth Seekers | Any Adults
Children Ministry Center | Room C205
Teacher | Stanley Jones

The Bereans Class | Any Adults
Conference Room
Teacher | Jesse Casey

Homebuilders | Adults 50s-60s
Upstairs Family Life Center C211
Teacher | Tommy Slater

Pairs and Spares | 60s-70s
Legacy Hall
Teacher | James Hay

The Solid Rock | Any Adult 60s-70s
North Hall
Teacher | Sherry Davis, David Scroggins

Young at Heart | Any Adult Ages 60+
Legacy Hall
Teacher | Dr. Frank Brooks

Ruth | Ladies Ages 60+
Legacy Hall
Teacher | Donna Evans

weekday GROUPS

Men's Bible Study | Tuesdays @ 9:00am
North Hall
Teacher | Bill Chapman

Ladies' Bible Study | Wednesday Nights @ 6:30pm
Conference Room
Teacher | Lois Scroggins