"Deacons likewise must be men of dignity, not double-tongued, or addicted to much wine or fond of sordid gain,  but holding to the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience. These men must also first be tested; then let them serve as deacons if they are beyond reproach. Women must likewise be dignified, not malicious gossips, but temperate, faithful in all things. Deacons must be husbands of only one wife, and good managers of their children and their own households. For those who have served well as deacons obtain for themselves a high standing and great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus." -1 Timothy 3:8-13


  • Minister through Sunday School classes
  • Congregational Greeter Ministry
  • Assist with Decision time during worship
  • Administer the ordinances of the church (Baptism & Communion)
  • Provide encouragement, feedback, and accountability to the pastor regarding the general ministry and specific initiatives of the church


Here at FBC we believe every Christian is a servant and should be serving. God has given each Christian specific gifts, abilities and resources in order to accomplish one Biblical mission. In addition to the general functions, our deacons are organized in teams with a specific purpose in order to be most efficient in ministering to the church body and advancing the kingdom of God. Below you can see our deacon teams and team members.

admin & long range planning team

  • Oversight of ministry in assisting the pastor in determining the vision and needs of the church and the assets needed to accomplish that vision and meeting of the needs including facilities, funding, and personnel.
  • This includes but is not limited to: long range planning; vision development; planning for buildings, staffing and financial needs
  • Reeder Bissell, Dan Cunningham, Tim Hammer, Charlie Jones, Shane Sherwood, Tommy Slater (2019-2021 Deacon Vice-Chairman) , Mike Smith


  • Oversight of ministry by making guests (visitors) and members feel welcome from the moment they step on our campus, as well as ensuring the safety of people and property during events on our campus.
  • This includes but is not limited to: establishing a welcome and security team in the CMC during times children are present; establishing a preventive and reaction plan for security needs; alarm systems; patrol systems; crosswalk staffing needs; greeters
  • David Green, David Scroggins, Johnny Vinson (2019-2021 Deacon Chairman)


  • Oversight of ministry to disenfranchised groups in our church family and community.
  • This includes but is not limited to: contacting widows to discover needs, inviting widows to banquets and other events; Hallsville Square ministry; nursing home ministry; homebound ministry
  • Dennis O'Quinn

DEacon Emeritus

  • The Deacon Emeritus designation is provided to honor those deacons who have given outstanding, meritorious, and loyal service to the church and to the body of deacons, and who have attained the age of 75 years. 
  • Any active deacon may recommend an eligible deacon for consideration for this designation. If approved by the deacon body, the nomination would then be taken to the church for final approval.
  • A Deacon Emeritus shall have all the privileges of an active deacon.
  • Wesley Dollahite, Johnny McCracken, Sid Stafford